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Acting together for a sustainable agro-economical development!
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Our Team :

Our team is composed of an agronomist and an economist with complementary high level theoretical education complemented by many diverse practical experiences. In order to fulfil their different studies they are working about, they have many accurate analytical tools to their disposal.

    Cécile Leclère

    Fond of music and nature, she is very sensitive to her environment. Through her experience as the secretary of the students' association of her school, she has developped accurate organisational abilities and team work facilities.

    Ben Hoppenstedt

    At the age of 12, he was already on the other side of the world with a school boat: "Expedition Jules Verne"! Ben is open minded with an easy relational developed through his living experiences like practicing joggling street shows in his youth as well as the pemanent integration in the famillial company "Bioautruche" where his main task is the contact with the customers.

    CécileAs a student at AgroParisTech (formerly called Institut National d’Agronomie de Paris Grignon), Cécile has notably followed courses in "environmental economics" and natural resources management" so as courses about « Agronomic development in southern coutries». Cécile has achieved various internships: one of them took place on a farm producing organic goat cheese in the Ardèche (South of France). She has also participated to a publication project about business and sustainable development for the company Helixeo and to a socological enquiry in Burkina Faso for an agronomical school during three months. Last university year, she made a gap year. She dedicated the first 6 months to the modelling of Blue Cranes population in South Africa in colaboration with the ZSL (Zoological Society of London). During the second half of her gap year, she was working about organic soy bean production in South America. To conclude her master degree in environmental economics, she has fulfilled a 6 months study about "Economic assessment of damages caused by water pollution in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso" for the consultancy ICI (Initiatives Conseil International).
    Since November 2009, she joined Ben in the own compagny to give assistance on financial and environmental issues to Gebana Afrique, a fair trade and organic export company.

    BenHe graduated at the Sorbonne university, Paris in «Development economics», after having followed his first university years at the I.U.P. (Institut Universitaire Professionnalisé) in Economical Engineering at the Toulouse university (currently called Toulouse School of Economics). In that frame, he has fulfilled many internships in different conditions of which one in a consultancy office for small or medium companies in Freiburg (Germany). Then, he was in an Indian NGO in Tamil Nadu (South of India) just after the tsunami in 2005. The following year, he spent the summer at « Ecopa », a consulting company in development economics and in 2007, after the year at the Sorbonne university, Ben has done his last internship at the GTZ (German Cooperation) in Cameroon. From April to the end of August 2008, he was in South America to fulfill a study about organic soy production. End of 2008 was dedicated to commercial work selling organic wine from the famillial Domaine de Maillac.
    He created in 2009 his own consultancy company based in the south of France and started with assistance to Gebana Afrique in Burkina Faso. This latter exports fair trade and organic agricultural products from Western Africa (Dried mangoes, dried pineapple, cashew nuts...)


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